Get lean during quarantine.

Let’s celebrate!

On April 2, we are celebrating our 8 Year Anniversary at LONGevity Fitness!

With our country’s current situation, we are offering new online training programs to help individuals become healthy and fit for a lifetime! Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves and instead take advantage of our time at home to get fit and healthy. Our current motto: Get Lean During Quarantine!

We have two great options to serve your needs:

Option 1: $38/month

Get our daily workouts Monday through Saturday

  • Includes strength, cardio and mobility workouts throughout the week, with modifications provided for all levels
  • You will receive a workout every morning with short video clips showing each movement (REMINDER: these workouts will be done on your own)
  • As an added bonus, included in each daily email will be a nutrition/fitness tip, or healthy and easy recipe to try


OPTION 2: $70/month or $10 Drop In

Daily Workouts w/LIVE ZOOM Option (Monday thru Saturday)

  • Includes everything with the Daily workouts plus the Live ZOOM Option
  • Sometimes you just don’t want to workout along so tune in for our Live  ZOOM Classes and do them with one of our Certified Trainers!

Check Out Our Live ZOOM Schedule

OPTION 3: $150/month (a $200 value!)


  • Includes a nutrition program tailored to your needs
  • Personalized custom workouts
  • Daily accountability throughout the week


If you want a program tailored to you, this is a great place to start! But don’t take our word for it — check out this testimonial from one of our current online clients:

“I’m your average person who has probably gained and lost the weight of a small child several times over throughout my adult life. I have done fad diets, working with other professionals and time on my own. I know basically what works but I lack the accountability to keep myself going for long periods of time. I had a particularly rough long stint with depression and I just let my self-care fall by the wayside. I made a vow to myself and the ones who care about me to get back to “me” in 2020. That week I saw the post from Longevity Fitness about a new program for busy individuals that was all remote and it just spoke to me. I signed up right away. Erin makes the whole process so my eating and working out are two things I don’t have to think much about anymore, with the customized plan we worked on together to fit how my body stores fat it was now up to me. I am LOVING this approach and program! Erin holds me accountable, checks in, helps me modify when I’m hurting or not nailing my eating. The food is AMAZING, even my picky husband is eating it! I am down over 12 pounds in 4+ weeks, my jeans need a belt to stay on my booty and I haven’t felt this good since before my bout with the depression. As the world around us is so uncertain and changing, take some time to care for yourself so you can better care for those who depend on you! I am so glad I did and grateful to Erin for her time and expertise!”

Ashley M