Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs.

Nutrition Assessment

  • Start with a 30 minute assessment to talk about your wants, needs and current eating patterns.  From there we will figure out the best program that fits your dietary and lifestyle needs.  Since not every program works for every individual, we want to spend quality time with you to figure out the best option(s) to help you reach your goals.  You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and a 3 day food journal that will be submitted before your assessment. Cost: $50 (sign up for a program and that $50 will be put towards your program).
  • Call or Text 260-243-0739 to set up your appointment with your Certified Nutrition Coach

LONGevity Fitness Nutrition Coaching

  • We offer in person or online nutrition coaching. 
    • Habit Based Program: If you are one of those individuals who are sick of diets or quick fix programs and want an actual lifestyle change, this program is for you. 
    • LF Macro Program: Ready for that next step in your fitness and nutrition? Our LF Macro Program is a great way to see real results without any crazy diets.  We create a custom macro nutrient plan for you and provide a comprehensive program for you to follow based on your needs.  Whether you are looking for weight loss, maintenance or weight gain we can specify your program for your desired results.

For more information and dates on these programs, please contact us! All programs are customizable and can be brought to your company or organization, too. 

A New Day, A New You!

  • A 10 Week Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program to improve your health and change your life.
  • A 10 Week Lecture-based series discussing nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction techniques.

Slimmer Winner Contest

  • A 6-8 Week contest where teams compete against each other for a cash prize! The team with the biggest percentage of weight loss wins.

6-8 Week Transformation Programs

  • An individual challenge program that provides a little competition with the guidance and accountability you need to get yourself on the right track for a healthier you! 
  • Take a look at what you get:
    • Success Manual
    • Meal Plans
    • Goal Sheets
    • Before and After Body Composition and Picture
    • Recipes
    • Dining out Guide
    • Daily Motivation During Training
    • Weekly Email Motivation
    • Workout Plans

21 Day Detox Challenge

  • This 21 Day Program will change your life.  We take away all foods that cause inflammation and toxins in the body and let your gut heal through strict clean eating. We give you an in-depth manual, 21 amazing recipes, 21 daily emails and guidance.

28 Day Transformation

  • During the course of the 28 days you will receive a program manual, a nutritional menu, recipes and contact with a fitness professional.